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Friend on a Sick Day

September 18, 2008
By brittrow PLATINUM, Easley, South Carolina
brittrow PLATINUM, Easley, South Carolina
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We share only two things in common:
The play and each other.
You walked to my house in the middle of the night.
You met my sister, but thankfully, not my brother.

For a while
My number you’ve had,
But my phone never rang,
And that made me mad.

We laughed during practice
And had a great time.
I didn’t understand
Why you wouldn’t be mine.

Tuesday I didn’t feel so good
And left early chilled to the bone.
You called on Thursday to say you’d be late
I told you you’d have to dance alone.

For I was sick
And had been for days
Tuesday was just the beginning
Of this horrific phase.

You called Friday morning.
“Changes were made,” you said.
You asked how I was feeling
And I replied with, “Still in bed.

But I need to get up and take care of the house
And myself today.”
You asked why and I told you
Everyone else had gone away.

Yes, I was as sick as could be
And you sounded worried when you said,
“I know where you live,
Don’t hesitate if there’s something you need.”

We said goodbye
And hung up the phone.
I lay back down
And I was gone.

I awoke with a start
With a ringing in my head.
So I reached for the phone
Lying by the bed.

It was almost four o’clock
You called to see what I was up to.
My parents would be home soon,
And I didn’t know what to do.

I said I was fine,
Tossed you away and started to clean.
I was in such a rush,
I didn’t realize I’d been so mean.

I cleaned for an hour
And got it all done.
I plopped on the couch because
Having to clean with a fever isn’t fun.

I remembered your call
A while back.
I also remembered my reaction
Of haste and slack.

I reached for the phone
With a feeling of guilt and shame.
I dialed the number
And asked your name.

I apologized
And then explained.
“It’s all right,”
You exclaimed.

“What if I came to see you?
Then what would you say?”
“I’d say it feels good to
Have a friend on a sick day.”

The author's comments:
You never know your true friends until something exreame happens.

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