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September 13, 2008
By Tasha Taylor SILVER, Richmond, Virginia
Tasha Taylor SILVER, Richmond, Virginia
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There was never a need to join in
I never got the urge to follow
Even you, with your blood red hair,
Sea green eyes.
You sat on the swing; twirling
your lollipop, aware of the attention
you got from the guys nearby
you wave a hand at me, my hand
I look down, No
yours is painted with pink polish
mine just bare, the cuticles turn white
as I curl my hand into a fist
The fair twin, that’s what I was called,
and conceited and stuck up too.
you didn’t really want me to come
sit with you, you already
turned you attention away
I don’t have to be like you
sticking your lollipop into your mouth
smiling up at them as they come near
there was no mistaking what they wanted
you wave your hand to me again, grinning
you look me in the eyes,
I stare at my reflection
But that’s not me.

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Amarieb said...
on Sep. 16 2008 at 2:26 am
This is an amazingly powerful poem... not even going to lie. It's very symbolic, not only does it relate to specifically twins, but it's sybolic for me in the sense that some people act like different people around others, so they end up having completely different personalities depending on their situatuations and environment, sometimes you have to look at yourself and evaluate, is this who I really am? and sometimes the answer may be 'no' and this poem represents that for me.