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Like every young person I know

Who isn’t lazy or feeling low

I have goals and I have dreams

A driving desire to succeed

Where to go, what to do

Who to be, to find the truth

I dream of going to University

Of travelling, far across the sea

I wish I could play my guitar

Write lyrics for a rock star

I like to draw and to design

I like to run, I like to climb

Job, family, and friends

My life is in a constant spin

I explore the world of photography

I’m on the pursuit of liberty

Am I liberal, conservative or free

Am I American or am I me

Trying to find my personal style

To live this life full of desires

In ten years will I love someone

Will I drift about or have a home

Will I have money and a career

Live in the city or by the pier

But who cares if my goals are achieved

For I will live life, pure and free

And it’s just as they say

The wind will carry me away

As long as my head stays straight

I love and laugh and I do not hate

I’ll go where I need to be

And I will end up, living as me

Dreams and wishes are good for some

They inspire us to work, to have fun

But when it all boils down

I know I’m standing on firm ground

And in order to find this identity

Search of self and reality

My eyes must close, my head must bow

My arms must fly, fly far out

I must fall from what I know

Scream as loud as I can as I let go

Falling can seem to be a sacrifice

Yet it is necessary to find one’s life.

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