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Treasure of Solitude

February 13, 2012
By Solstice BRONZE, Robeline, Louisiana
Solstice BRONZE, Robeline, Louisiana
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A single wind
blows through town,

Reminds me of
the cold, cold, ground,

I stand here
without you,

You cant be solitary
not with two,

The quietness
comes again,

I'm glad to see
my long lost friend,

I stand here
alone and cold,

The solitude
has taken hold,

It has me here
close and tight,

I looked around
to see the light,

Solitude is
here with me,

I am alone
but still I'm free,

Taking in
the bask the glow,

All my enemies
on the low,

To be alone
such a treasure,

My gratitude
can not be measured,

I sit here
my thoughts surrounded,

In solitude
most would have drowned,

But I grew up
this way,

and as far as I'm
concerned it's here to stay,

my hopes my dreams,

Lay within
the gentle seams,

My heart
my soul,

It's all the same
It takes a toll,

With me my thoughts
will stay,

I will be solitary
all my days,

He tries to solve this
again and again

He wants and tries
to be more then friends,

But I stand here
in this state of mind,

Lonely, sad, but
still in line,

is a treasure,

And within this time
you will measure,

The treasure of Solitude

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