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A Still Winter Night MAG

February 16, 2012
By Fawny PLATINUM, Cheyenne, Wyoming
Fawny PLATINUM, Cheyenne, Wyoming
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The blue blackness blanketing,
Like hands cupping a bug.
Streetlights glaring boldly,
Lessening the darkness's weight.
Subtle rumble of your own car
Flowing smoothly along the endless road.
The air dense, frigid.
Oxygen is flavored
With the day's leftovers,
Watch your faint, ghostlike breath
Stark, rising, alive.
Contrasting the black backdrop sky.
Buildings loom, strange, unfamiliar.
Nothing is the same.
Mystery shrouds the safe stillness.
Tranquility pulses rhythmically.
The world is calm,
Simple bliss.

The author's comments:
I just really enjoy riding around at night, with no particular destination. The feeling if freedom, no obligations, distractions... :)

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