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A "Civil" War?

January 30, 2012
By Choosing2Live4Christ PLATINUM, Wausaukee, Wisconsin
Choosing2Live4Christ PLATINUM, Wausaukee, Wisconsin
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A Union fighting for freedom's call
A Confederacy for the bondage of slaves
Lincoln was strong through out it all
Though many men fought and filled many graves.

Through desertion and treason
Through wind, snow, and rain
There was no valid reason
No reason to suffer that tragic pain

So many men prayed to God of all land
Men on both sides, put faith in one Lord
Which side would fall and which would stand
While all around the innocent blood poured.

Battle following battle they fought
Brother killing brother each day
When would someone be taught
To stand against it, oh what to say?!?

A Stonewall stood strong on Christ,
But his beliefs did not mix well.
How can you be so enticed?
God truly doesn't think them so swell!

A man leaves his family and wealth
If the ball of a musket did not kill him
Surely then, he'd die of his health.
What, then, would become of his kin.

However, some were fortunate to survive.
Then they, though, would have a burden to bear.
A burden they must bear for the rest of their lives.
Would a man have the remnant of a heart to care?

Did it ever begin to show clear to them,
That life is not merely a homemade quilt
That in the event of a mistake in the hem
You cannot reverse the problems you've built!

It pains me to remember that feud
To know that my ancestor fought family and friends
You're relations can't be renewed
They've already walked death's road, and around the bend.

Why did they choose, over slavery, to fight
They should have known slavery is wrong
You would think that someone just might
Have known that slavery should have been gone.

Though much blood was spilled
And many families broken to pieces
In the end the right had prevailed
Yet today, more problem's; it just never ceases

This should be a lesson to men, women, and to all
Christ will let his true followers prevail in the final hour
For even though you know Christ Jesus call
You turn your back on him, and are struck down with his power!

The author's comments:
I watched "Gods and Generals". That's pretty much it. If you have ever seen the movie you'll understand.

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