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Christmastime is Here

January 14, 2012
By rosieposie GOLD, Fountain Valley, California
rosieposie GOLD, Fountain Valley, California
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All our discords fade away
Once Christmas songs begin to play.
The magical spirit of the time
Spreads love without reason, without rhyme.
Together we come from far away;
We travel the distance just to say:
“Merry Christmas to all, this fine day!”

Brotherly love and such good cheer
Reach near and far this time of year.
Twinkling stars match lights on the tree,
Brightening the night for both you and me.
Jingle bells little ones will hear
And up the chimney they will peer,
For they all know Santa is here.

Stop your bickering! Stop your fight!
No one is wrong, no one is right.
Grab your brother and grab your sister,
Tell your wife and tell your mister:
“Just be nice on this one special night!”
The Christmas spirit shines so bright
It fills your soul with all its might.

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