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She is Silent

January 2, 2012
By iatwinss SILVER, Wheatland, Iowa
iatwinss SILVER, Wheatland, Iowa
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She is silent
She never asks
She never speaks
She never issues a sound


She is loudest of them all
She screams and begs
She hurts and bleeds
She has terrible fits of emotion


She stays quiet
She sits in her place
No one bothers her space
Her body is unmoved


Her spirit emits fire
It fights to emerge from beneath
To get out of its sheath
It wants to murder those killing words

In response

The walls and the mask gain strength
They use layers to make themselves thicker
They use books as bricks to become wider
Making them impenetrable


She is given a canvas
Violently splashing paint across the fabric
Furiously pressing the page with uncontained havoc
It is all let out in bright colors and powerful words


Suddenly she stops mid-stroke
She stares, exhausted, at what she has made
She realizes she must take the path that has been laid
The new determination rushes her to her next class

Upon arriving

They speak with faded blackness
She abandons her ambitious personal duty
She smiles sadly at her lost opportunity
She keeps her silent walls

They Will Fall.

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