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Puzzle Pieces

December 31, 2011
By Jazzimaniac SILVER, Dana Point, California
Jazzimaniac SILVER, Dana Point, California
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I remember assembling the puzzle
That you bought for me
I remember that it had pictures
Of the beach, the sand, the sea

You said I'd never finish it,
You said that I'd give up
You said it would be left half-done
You said that I'd be stuck

You chuckled to yourself and smiled
As I worked silently on
I knew that I would keep on working
That I would prove you wrong

And look, the puzzle is right here
It's all assembled now
I don't remember how long it took
But I got it done somehow

And I would like to thank you
For that gift you gave to me
For there are puzzles in my life
That are so plain to see

Now I just think of the puzzle
That you bought for me
And all the puzzles in my life
Resolve to sand and sea

The author's comments:
When I was little, I had a huge puzzle. I can't even remember what it was of, but I remember that I kept trying to solve it - and I eventually did. Now, whenever there's a problem in my life, I just imagine it as a jigsaw puzzle and it seems easier to solve.

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