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The Tunnel

November 30, 2011
By my_poetry BRONZE, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
my_poetry BRONZE, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
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"Come in," a man says
"We have treats for all
Don't see what you want here
Go down that hall."
The woman desperately looks behind her
all she sees is a closed wall
she figures there is no way out
so in she crawls

She finds many people
more than she can count
she tries not to look nervous
but a young fellow notices her doubt

"You must be new," he says
"I can tell by your eyes
I too felt that way
when I first arrived."

She tries to smile
but can't find the way
he holds out his hand
and she can't pull away

"I'll show you around
there is much to see
don't be overwhelmed
just you stick by me.
Life is much better here
as you will soon tell
life over ground
just isn't this swell."

They walk further down
she finds food all around
"This here is where we eat
surely the best food in town."
"I'm starving," she says
"Can we stop to eat?
Maybe just a little cookie
something to keep me on my feet."

"Of course you can,
but take it to go.
Before we stop to have a meal
there is one place we must go."

They cross many pitiful rooms
along their way
people that seem deprived
for the simple light of day
"These things that you see
please do not fear
once you see where we are going
you'll never come back here."

"Here we are
the room full of glamour
the glitz and the glitter
is it not reason to clamor?"
The girl steps back
takes in the sight
"Is this the place
people gather every night?"

"Of course," he says
"Why miss the fun?
There's plenty to drink
it'll never be done
and dance while you're at it
with wine in one hand
choose whomever you want
you can waltz with any man."

"There is more to this story
please tell me straight
there's something you're hiding
I see it in your face."

"No," he says
"Not at all
What could I be hiding?
I've shown you it all."

"Okay," she responds
"I believe you, it's fine.
Just one last question
and I'll thank you for your time.
Those guards over there
what do they keep?"
"Of this, my dear friend
we must not speak"

"Please," she says
with a desperate look in her eye
"You said there are no secretes
nothing to hide."

He takes a deep breath
"Nobody knows
some say it's a portal
that leads back to your home
I once knew a man
who attempted to go
he fought hard
but the guards always said no
he turned to violence
and so did the guards
the last time I saw him
there was no doubt he wouldn't get far."

"Has anyone else ever tried?"
"After him why try?
even if you miss your old life
there is no way of getting by."

"Let's get a group together
I miss my old life
we can open that door
I'm ready for goodbye."

The man stays silent
takes a sip of his drink
"Are you sure this is what you want?
You've had no time to think."

"Of course!" she pleads
"I can't be the only one with fear
if we don't leave now
we may never leave here."

"Okay," he says
"Stand near the guards
I know just the people
that'll help us take charge."

After a couple of moments
the crowd starts to gather
they spend some time
putting their plan together
"No more talking," the man says
"It's time to go
don't think too hard
let's get on with the show."

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