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The Best Gift Ever

October 20, 2011
By KJAngelAuthor SILVER, Holland, Michigan
KJAngelAuthor SILVER, Holland, Michigan
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With understanding comes wisdom.

This little gift
Formed long, long ago
Found its way to me
When I was down and mellow

The gift is from my dad
Yes, it’s this tooth
About this next part,
I’m telling you the truth

From the mouth of a shark
The grandpa of the great white
I wear it around my neck
To keep my day bright

It’s like a worry stone,
So calming to the touch
I call it my good luck charm
When in need, it is this I clutch

My dad had it for ages
I’ve wanted it all the while
Now it’s safe with me
It helps me through my trials

I hold it close to me
When I feel the need
Oh so desperately
To be with my daddy

Also there
Is my Grandma dear
Plus my aunt, AK
I feel kindness there

I play with my cousin
Whose age is near my own
She understands and
She’s almost my clone

One day when I’m back
In Arizona with my dad
I’ll think back on these last days
And remember the friends I’ve had

Glad days, bad days
All will mix together
But I will never forget
The best gift ever

The author's comments:
I wish I could include a picture of the tooth, but it's about two inches long, a couple pounds heavy, and is from the ancestor of the great white shark.

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