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October 13, 2011
By HateKnuckle SILVER, Peru, New York
HateKnuckle SILVER, Peru, New York
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I relent upon this wooden door
Of which no man hath opened before
To feel what is deep inside
And reach for what only I can find

I want to bleed and feel the scream
I want to cry and know that it’s my sanity
I wish to no longer know
What its like not to feel a fatal blow

I wade through a bog of events
And reach the other side unchanged by sense
In whole I am numb and feel no difference
It was most recent and has not ceased since

I walk through fire and bear no knowledge of injury
I notice not the pain of most severe injury
I feel neither the knife through my ribs nor the bolt through my hand
I can’t link the sound of crunching to my mangled and bloodied wristband

I feel neither the tickle of fantasy nor the heat of intimacy
And beg for the blanket of insanity
Spread the secure comforter
In hope that sleep might be brought to the numb cavorter

With my status reduced to that of crazy
May I feel no regret or displeasure prior to my release from the hazy
My feelings have all gone away
I no longer wish to live this way
Watch the world and you may see me

The author's comments:
For about a week I felt neither happy, sad, angry, afraid, fear, or excited about anything. I wanted it to end but I didn't know how. So I wanted to express it through writing. Of course without much emotion to write a poem, I was left without much to inspire me to write. One thing prevailed and it was my feeling of worry and despair at how much it hurt not to feel anything.

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on Oct. 26 2011 at 8:29 am
theunimaginable BRONZE, Koshkonong, Missouri
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Favorite Quote:
Live for today, not the past nor future. - Me :)

I really like this one :) Its very eye-opening. It reminds me a lot of my life, so I can relate. Very good job.