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God, From Me to You

September 2, 2011
By Chibi_Danni PLATINUM, Melbourne, Florida
Chibi_Danni PLATINUM, Melbourne, Florida
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Dear God,
who is so kind,
who is so loving;
erase my fate from this cruel living.

I know what you do,
it to make me understand things better,
how can I when all I can do is remember?

Can you hear,
those lost children screaming in anger and fear?
Can you feel,
their tormenting sorrows, knowing they are not loved?
Can you understand,
what they are going through?

How can you?
You are not them.
You know not of their feelings.
You did not live what they lived.
They are them and you are you.

Do not understand them,
stay away,
you'll only hurt them more.

Dear God,
who is so kind,
who is so loving;
slave me away from this damned world to my escaping.

Curse me to love.
Curse me to hate.
Curse me to feel.

I am a sinner,
I do not asked to be forgiven,
but, why must you make the ones I pray to you to protect,
torment them like so?

Dear God,
who is so kind,
who is so loving;
I believe you need to fix that damn twisted brain of yous,
for it is not working at all liked planned.

The author's comments:
Life can be a curse, as much as a blessing.

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