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July 24, 2011
By Kay_Kay GOLD, Maclagan, Other
Kay_Kay GOLD, Maclagan, Other
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The day you died my heart went with you,
Ripped out of my chest; leaving me to writhe in pain.
Feeling lost, lonely, and looking for your face,
Yet you are missing, forever buried beneath the earth.

My body is shutting down, overwhelmed with grief.
As memories of your violent, senseless death haunt me,
Like a forever present shadow, upon your heavenly face.
Although, my love is not withdrawn as your picture gives me strength.

Sleep comes slowly, stubbornly, as I am constantly thinking of you.
Day and night have blurred to one, everything has lost its meaning.
My life is no longer a peaceful haven, but dark, forbidding, and full of woe,
Full, of my tears, fears and eternally broken heart.

Life is not worth living without you by my side,
Your smile, as beautiful as the late saffron sky, is gone.
Love may survive beyond the grave but I am not dead,
I am alive, trapped in the horror of what is real.

I can remember your personality, appearance, even your voice.
Your laugh was like a warm drink in the dead of winter,
Bird like eyes, forever seeking, peeking around every corner.
This, I shall try to remember, as your memory slowly drifts away.

Somedays I want to call you, but I know you will not be there,
I want to look into your eyes and see you looking back.
I cried so many nights, wishing you were there,
But still you live inside me, so close yet so far away.

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