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Why Can't I See?

June 13, 2011
By PassionFruit SILVER, Templeton, California
PassionFruit SILVER, Templeton, California
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There's a connection here.
i feel it, but it evades me.
I look for the thread,
But it fades--blurry.
I run towards it,
And find it grows fainter.
Why can't I see it?
Why can't I reach it?
I look out my window,
Beyond streaks of rain,
And see that tree; My tree,
All that I can see.
Rich brown and soft green,
That tree, it tugs at me.
But I can't understand.
Why can't I see?
I spin in circles,
Circles and circles,
Whirling; careening
Off balance; off center,
Clinging to my tree.
Where is up? Where is down?
Why am I so lost?
Why can't I see?
Everything eludes my grasp,
And everything defies me.
That tangible sixth sense
Refuses to fully form.
Close enough to see the outline,
But I see no shape, no texture.
I feel the connection,
Some greater purpose,
Yet no sense comes from it.
I have no guide and I am lost.
I can't see through
The fog ahead of me;
I can't pick a path.
And the map I was given?
It has been written
In unknown languages
With unknown symbols.
Help me, save me,
Why can't I see?

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