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The Nights I Love

March 22, 2011
By anniers SILVER, Newton, Massachusetts
anniers SILVER, Newton, Massachusetts
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When misery is a mighty beast
My energy its stolen feast
And sleep-deprived though I dare not cry
For fear that emotions will then run dry

It's these nights I love

When I'm taunted by the great world around
And stapled are angel's wings to the ground
When tomorrow's forecast shows more shadowed rain
More pointed droplets with no mind but pain

It's these nights I love

When artificial lights cast hateful glare
When shrewd time chooses not to be fair
And parents' pillows turn to hardened rock
And every key I've got has not a lock

It's these nights I love

When it's quiet
And the world listens
And yawns
And reads a book
When the night sky's made of fine, designer silk
And just within reach a shining bed
With thick blankets
And fleece pajamas

These are the nights I love

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