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It’s my Life

May 7, 2008
By Anonymous

It’s my Life

Swimming is my life,
I have loads of friends
From it. They are sprinkled all
Over the state and beyond. I love
Seeing them at swim meets.
We all know each other.

My close friend Mallory is a whole other
State away. But my life
Is better that she is my friend.
We talk all
The time. I love
To see her even though we rarely meet.

I always meet
New people from other
Teams. It makes my life
Complete with great friends
Who are all
Very different, whom I love.

I always love
The hours spent at swim meets.
I wouldn’t want it another
Way. Though it’s not your typical social life
It’s still hours spent with my friends.
Talking and laughing but that’s not all.

My friends think its odd, but despite all
The parties I miss, I love
Weekends at meets
My Saturday night plans, but no other
Thing sounds more appealing to me. My life
Is on the pool deck, with dozens of best friends.

I love all these friends.
And I meet new people, others
All the time, it’s my life.

"This will certify that the above work is completely original" Corinne Jenkins

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