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The Little Things

January 5, 2008
By darkpinkmolly GOLD, Oakland, California
darkpinkmolly GOLD, Oakland, California
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The little things add up in the end.
Who would have thought all those memories
could mean so much more than I did intend?

I look at them together and see a blend
of colors, voices flying past in a breeze.
The little things add up in the end.

The smiles I give, the letters I send,
will mean as much to the one who receives,
as much emotion as I do intend.

I count the good things. The bad things lend
the experience to me and freeze
my heart, where the broken bonds I try to amend.

Oh, all the loss in the world could not contend
with the joy discovery brings. Please,
remember that . Want to believe and intend.

Yes, now I know where I erred. I lost a friend
from my own neglect. I never searched the seas.
The little things do come back in the end,
but what they bring us is not what we did intend.

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