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Writing Love on Her Arms (Inspired by TWLOHA)

June 7, 2008
By Anonymous

A best friend, a worst enemy
A past, a future; stolen in an instant
Arms envelope something so fragile a touch could kill
And eyes follow twisting turns until they fall into dark
No lights to guide, no home to call, broken.
Tears, shaking breaths, denial, lost and scarred
Alone with hands that can’t reach far enough to save
Sleep won’t know you, and day can’t see you
You find yourself in shards of broken glass
No lights to guide, no home to call, shattered.
A sliver of light slips through the shades
Blinding, opening your eyes for the first time
Realization hits you—hands flail to meet me—
You look around at where you’ve fallen,
No lights to guide, no home to call, empty.
But arms clutch something just tight enough to hold
And light burns us from the dark, gnarled abyss.
And in the breaking dawn that lights your faults:
Alone, scarred, lost, empty, crying…broken…
Light will lead you; home will find you, loved.

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Sylvie BRONZE said...
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Sylvie BRONZE, Edison, New Jersey
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Excellent poem. I think this is a great message of hope for anyone in TWLOHA, especially in the last line.