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When I Bid Farewell To The Moon

December 24, 2010
By sany.lastflame PLATINUM, Frederick, Colorado
sany.lastflame PLATINUM, Frederick, Colorado
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I say farewell to the moon

As it comes time for me to rest

Clear my mind of all worries

Try not to remember anything

Falling… falling… falling

Into the deepest sleep

I am once again awaken

By the sound of a babies cry

This gentle sound soothes me

But worries me also

I struggle out of bed

Open the window and listen

The temptation overcomes me

And I jump

Begin to run with the wind

Away from the buildings

Across the roads

Past the forest

Over the river

The baby lets out one more screech

Saying my name

Save me…

Save me…

Down to the ground I go

Tears rolling down

Voices all around me

I gaze up at the night sky

And watch it change colors

Here I am

Here is my destination

I absorb my surroundings

Step by step

Moving closer

The cry comes to hault

Time freezes

The earth stops moving

Here I am to come across

A soft grassy field

With nothing in sight

But an enormous tree

With sparkling leaves

And twinkling branches

Closer and closer

I know I am forbiden

Forbiden to continue

But closer and closer I go

A shadow runs

Time unfreezes

The earth begins to spin again

My blood turns cold

I begin to dash

As fast as I can

Over the river

Past the forest

Across the roads

Into the buildings

Climb through the window

And back to rest

Again to start a new night

When I bid farewell to the moon

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