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The Hunt

May 16, 2008
By Anonymous

The crisp cool day has just begun
Over the trees I can see the steamy sun
Alight breeze touches my face
A different time but the same old place

The birds are singing the last of fall
The crickets chirping now not at all

The smells of summer are now long gone
This morning the perfect dream
I hear a stir from the field bellow
Bright white daggers the first to show

His body moved like he was the king
His crown atop each step did bring
Closer and closer up the trail
It is now or never I must not fail

I steady my breath & lock my knees
As this monster deer clears the trees
I slowly drew back my ready bow
And patiently waited for my chance to go
Carefully I focus my sight spot on
If I wasn’t careful he would be long gone

The shot was made with the greatest skill
He took five steps then took a spill
My hands are sweaty but feel like ice
My body trembles, but that’s the price

Connected with nature in the chain
An animal’s wit against his brain
Neither right nor wrong, its time suspended
A traditional cycle, life intended.

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