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Biggest Fear

December 12, 2010
By FindTheBeautyIn_Everything DIAMOND, Grass Lake, Michigan
FindTheBeautyIn_Everything DIAMOND, Grass Lake, Michigan
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Everyone has that biggest fear
Although mine’s more than a little weird
I’m not afraid of really high places
I don’t feel funny in extremely small spaces

I have this big fear of not being accepted
I’m afraid everything I say will get me rejected
I thought maybe if I sat in silence, no one could judge
But, now, no one can even make me budge

I don’t talk. I wont say a word
I’d rather my voice not be heard
I’m fine with just sitting still
Not wanting to draw any attention at will

Inside, it hurts that I’m so self-conscious,
So I’m done with all this stupid nonsense
Before someone decides they like me for who I’m not
Or, worse, hate me because I’m just sitting silent until I rot

So let’s start over, lets start today
Today’s the day my fear starts to fade
My name’s ______, and I hide in a shell
By biggest fear is being myself

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