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November 13, 2010
By jennybear16 SILVER, Gibraltar Road, Michigan
jennybear16 SILVER, Gibraltar Road, Michigan
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Blind eyes can look at me and see the truth
Remember when getting high meant swinging on a swing at the playground, and the worse thing you could get from boys was the cooties. Mom was your hero, your worst enemies were your siblings. Race issues were who ran the fastest, war was a card game and the only drug you knew was cough medicine. The only thing you would ever smoke were the tires on your bike. The only thing that hurt was the skinned knee, and the only things that could break were your toys. Life was simple and care free, and yet all we would think about was GROWING UP

At first I see a perfectly good vain to pick and poke at enough to make it bleed
Deeper and deeper blood’s dripping on the floor what have I done?
How do I fix this?
Too late now…
I think to myself what’s the point of living anymore?
I’m worthless
Nothing going for me
I take a knife to my chest and poke
Its just like getting your finger poked nothing more
Who will know only me and you.

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