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The Tree

November 3, 2010
By SarahCorine SILVER, Gilbert, Arizona
SarahCorine SILVER, Gilbert, Arizona
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The tree stood high
As it swayed with the breeze
It seemed to touch the sky
With a sense of perfect ease

The light of day
Melted away to night
A day can never stay
Nor can the light

The tree was left in the dark
With no one there
Left in the center of a lonely park
With nothing but air

Soon the air became mad
Rain petals fell fast
The tree became sad
Because the sunshine did not seem to last

The storm of the night continued on
Still the tree stood
It's roots, strongly planted on the lawn
It would stand as long as it could

Finally night broke into day
The tree stood hopeful and tall
It was glad night went away
For then it saw, it was the only tree not to fall

The tree gazed up at the sky
It shined with the sun and a cloud up above
The tree never felt so high
As it gave thanks to the LORD OF LOVE

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