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I'll Show You

October 10, 2010
By niesh13 SILVER, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
niesh13 SILVER, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Love Me, Hate Me. I Really Don't Care .
Truth Is...Life Goes On , With or Without You

A lot of people try to discourage me
But I won't reply just let it be
I'll keep my head up and don't look back
It won't touch my ego as a matter of fact
I can't? I'll show you.
Won't land it? I'll show you.
Whatever you say I'll prove you wrong
I'll shake it off, I'll still stand strong
You might get mad, when I beat you at
The thing you swore you bet on, told you I'd win that
Doubt me? I'll show you
Test me? I'll show you
Any type of insult won't get to my head
It'll go out my ear, and will end up somewhere else instead
Whatever you say I can't do
One day I'll do it and I'll show you

The author's comments:
I wrote this in school. My music teacher put up a do-now on the board w/ a rap from jay-z and asked us o write what we thought the theme of the song was. After that we had to write a poem or story explaining are theme. This was the poem I wrote.

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