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May 23, 2008
By Kelseybreanne GOLD, Loganville, Georgia
Kelseybreanne GOLD, Loganville, Georgia
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She had a real nice bid
Not many cared what she did
She always had big dreams
She wasn’t good with “teams”

No one really knew her heart
No one knew the best place to start
No one had her interests in mind
No one helped her get out of a bind

She always felt alone
She was like a drone
No one could fix her
She needed a good elixir

She was never “cool”
Actually, she was a fool
She was never “skinny”
She usually felt like a ninny

She wanted to act
But people had no tact
As pretty as the tide,
Was her creative side.

On the inside she died
On the outside she lied
The countless times she cries
No one sees through her lies

She was depressed
She was too stressed
She wanted a friend
No one could lend

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