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Shut In

May 7, 2010
By Controtic92 BRONZE, Maywood, Illinois
Controtic92 BRONZE, Maywood, Illinois
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theres only now theres only this forget regret or life is yours to miss. no day but today

Over the hills
And far away
You sit at my door
You yell, “Let’s go play”
Save your breath and go away.

I don’t want to go and play
I just want to shut out this day
Cage my emotions and
Shove you away
Anti-social networking, that’s my way

An empty room is company
No one’s telling me to talk
No ripping out hair
From stress of pretending I care
This is why silence is most fair

Out casting myself
Kindness locked up
Boxed on the shelf
Still keep to myself
“Leave me alone I don’t need help”

I like being alone
When my imagination soars
My stories meet the world,
But until then
I’ll live my life shut in.

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