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Black Rose

May 8, 2010
By tash12 SILVER, Lindale, Texas
tash12 SILVER, Lindale, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
creativity is knowing how to hide your sorces-Einstine

twilight cast an eerie glow,
eluminating bushes row by row,
dew catches starlight on the leaf
thorns peirce the heart with greif

dark petals wrap around sweet aroma
fading sun haloed in bright carona
roses grow in a bloodless fasion
blacked hearts of darkend pasion

you will shurely be tempted
and your heart will grow preempted
but befor you dare to pic be warned:
for black roses have, poisoned thorns

The author's comments:
this poem is about forbidden love that you want but would come at a great price. its hard to explain so just let the poem speak for itself.

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