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Looking back at who we were

October 2, 2007
By Angel Foster BRONZE, Burleson, Texas
Angel Foster BRONZE, Burleson, Texas
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Looking back at who we were,
What we used to be.
I think it funny.
We were such dorks back then,
So naive,
Playing with our pokemon,
Acting out as superheros,
Wanting to change the world.

I sit back
And let the memories flood in.
First best friend,
People who I thought I would always be friends with,
First pet,
First school,
First teacher,
Many firsts.

But as I grow
I find that
First best friend,
Started to drift, started to care what others thought.
We stopped being friends when I moved in second grade.
Saw her once,
A brief glimpce, in fith grade.
She was completely different.

Those people who I thought I would always be friends with,
Met the same fate.
Our leader, if you will, went first,
Popularity over came.
I used to hate but now i understand.
She went first,
Then the rest.
Guess we couldn't handle it.
We don't speak any more.

My first pet
Was a dog named blacky,
She was smart and loved by all.
But she barked alot.
And was one day poisoned,
She died.

My first school
I had alot of friends,
But then I moved.
Never talked to them again.

First teacher
She was old,
Kindergarden teacher
Hair was grey and curly
I wonder what happened to her.
Now that I'm older.
I wonder.
Everything in my past seems to have gone away,
Broken and defeated.
Many things have happened since then though,
New best friend,
New high school,
New friends that will always be there,
New teachers,
And even new pets.
I'm not so naive
The fads of the past remain in the past.
But sometimes I can't help, but to let it fade back.
Take a moment,
To let them come.
Painful, happy, sad or angry
It will make you laugh at some point,
A moment is all it takes...

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