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Falling In Love

April 12, 2010
By Spenc3r16luvsGreen SILVER, Jersey City, New Jersey
Spenc3r16luvsGreen SILVER, Jersey City, New Jersey
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Our hearts are open at a vulnerable stage.
Love has once again taken its toll
And we surrender to its power.
The world stops and time freezes,
Our palms sweat and the heat is turned on high.
Who are we to runaway from such a feeling??
Our guard lessens and the brick wall collapses.
We are anxious…
We are scared.
Our hearts soften while blood rushes
To our fingertips,
And tingles our toes!
We fear getting broken,
From a feeling that’s ever so sweet,
Because we fear that the pieces won’t break even.
You want to feel whole again,
But your other half is missing.
It’s unexplainable…
It’s unbearable…
But finally complete when,
When you can finally say,
To that special some who makes you happy,
Or gushy,
Or just so super,
When you can say,
I love you.

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