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May 18, 2008
By Anonymous

Music is a gift from up above. It is a language that is easy for a blind man to see and a poor man to hear. Music is does not leave from the mind but it comes from the heart. It is installed from within us and is hard to let go of. It will never be known to be forgotten like a dream but to be memorized and replayed in your mind like John 3:16. It is so full of emotion that can bring tears to the eye or move us like a funeral with a sigh. You might even be touched with memory when you hear your favorite melody or relate with a timeless rhyme. So just like your favorite song, music will never die.
Everyone has heard the sounds of music regardless if they are deaf or just don’t listen. The slowest man alive could tell you that with no doubts present. They have heard ringing in the ears when they have been painfully bored to death or the sound joy when Christmas comes around. They have heard music when not able to concentrate or comprehend. See music is not just a sound. It is a part or rather a self portrait of our life that are full of ups and downs like strokes of a paint brush and the canvas was completely clean when we were even first thought of by our parents. Music is life and without it we are good as dead.

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