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Kissed Me By The Sea

May 17, 2008
By Anonymous

When I look you in the eyes
I wonder if it's all lies
And then you look at me
You're all that I can see
And then I think to myself
Does he care about me or anyone else?
But if he loves me like he says he does
He can take care of me because
I care more than he knows
My hearts beats more than it shows
As I'm sitting down in class
I stare out the window glass
And you say "What's wrong,
I've been watching you here all along."
And then I happen to say to you
"The sky is no longer blue."
The rain now falling hard
My tears leaving him scared
I say, "You led me on to believe,
That you loved me that summer's eve."
He grabs my hand,
And brings me to that place in the sand.
Where he first kissed me,
Kissed me by the sea...

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