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Time (what matters)

May 16, 2008
By Anonymous

Time (what matters)

I try not think about what happened today yet still the tears keep falling
Didn’t know who they were, hadn’t seen them around, but still my heart felt numb and my mind kept spinning
People think that these things only happen in books and on the TV screen
They assume that tragedy excludes them
The unfortunate truth is that it’s reality
Have you ever really stopped and counted all the people you told “I love you” today?
Have you ever thought about how someone’s heart might be breaking just because of what you say?
You think that life revolves around materials and who has the most
It’s as if the world must come to an end if you don’t always get what you want
It gets to the point where the little things are just tiny specks in the back of your mind
Where people are just people that can be picked out whenever you feel the need for them
The sad thing is that nothing lasts forever
And forever never lasts
So don’t waste time focusing on the things that you live without
Cherish what you have and don’t complain about what’s not within reach
Change what you can and let be what you can’t
Don’t throw friendships out the window just because of a few misunderstandings
Imperfection isn’t worth throwing away the good years
If you see someone in pain, comfort them
If they’re laughing, laugh with them
Be goofy
Forget what you look like
And just live
Love with all your heart
Empty the hatred in your soul
Take each day one at a time
Tomorrow will take care of itself
You never know when time may stop
Or when the people that you care about most may be taken from you
No matter how often you may spend it with a person, there will never really be enough of it
If you forget, that’s ok
It’s called being human
And sometimes, we need things like these in order to see what’s important

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