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Food Frenzy

May 14, 2008
By Anonymous

Food Frenzy

What is a plate of food that you ate?
With some vegetables here and some junk food near.
An explosion of taste that should not go to waste,
Like a treat that is sweet or some bread that you’re fed.

All types of food that are healthy for you,
With vitamins and nutrition that are for you and me too.
A rainbow of colors with different vegetables and fruits,
Like corn, greens, and peas but also oranges, grapes, and berries.

Noodles and rice that are calling my name,
I feel that some Chinese food is playing a game.
The chicken and sauce that waits for me,
I will go out for myself and see.

But what I see is what surprises me,
American food is everywhere and I can only look and stare.
Hamburgers that are juicy, hotdogs that are cooking,

And ribs on a rack that make my lips smack.

Pasta that’s yummy as it goes down my tummy,
Like some spaghetti that’s red with day old garlic bread.
Pepperoni and cheese while you’re watching TV,
Pizza that’s hot that can hit the spot.

This Italian food may be nice but I already had it twice,
Now I am ready for a burrito that I might just steal incognito.
Mexican food all the way with tacos and nachos night and day,
This type of food will make me full and will make me slower than a mule.

Delicious, fantastic, crazy food that I like to eat when I’m in the mood,
When your stomach is growling please do not start howling.
Stuff your mouth so your tongue won’t hang out,
And get you some grub like a meatball sub.

But when you smell that horrible rotten smell,
Do not taste the food for it is in a bad mood.
Sickness will form and you will mourn,
In your bed where you will have a light head.

All food has a good side and a bad,
So you should be cautious so you won’t get nauseous.
But don’t be sad and try to get glad,
Because there is all that food that is in a great mood!

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