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May 16, 2008
By Anonymous

The outer countenance,
A lighter hue of induced laughter
The inner side, once addled and shoved aside-
Has finally reached a resolution.
This steadfast sense of contentment, stemmed from meeting you.
The once empty dreams have been replaced with a blissful reality
The hopeless thoughts, once deemed irrational and naïve are now made to seem plausible.
You’re the light that guides me
As I get lost in my mind, trying to think of all the ways to tell you what you mean to me
The foolishness that escapes is utterly obsolete compared to what is felt.
These days, these nights
The stars seem to paint what I think inside
So far and distant, untouchable
Like you.
I wish I could say this to you
whisper you the things that build up in my mind,
but they get lost in translation
you, my heart’s darling
you’re the only one who shares my thoughts
I see everything that will one day be
The held hands, fingers grabbing and held in an iron-tight grip
I want to be only yours,
For without you I would be nothing.
You are the breath on my neck, telling me everything will be ok
I hope you feel the same assuredness with my affections,
My careening world, which had no real stability, was brought to ease with you,
You are the rock that I cling to.
The eyes, the lips
The hands,
You are all I've ever wanted,
As I turn, smiling, my eyes cast downward,
You never escape from my thoughts
Imprinted in my being, you will always be a part of me.
Even if brought amongst the most ill of fortunes, the feeling
Of not being so utterly alone will always be with me
all my hopes and dreams materialized
never ceasing to amaze me,
you are the angel that I know will always protect me.
I love you endlessly; the world knows that we are true.
Even if questioned or strained, we will always hold onto what we have, because in the end, isn’t this love the greatest thing we could even dream to ask for?

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