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January 15, 2010
By Anglin SILVER, Irvington, New Jersey
Anglin SILVER, Irvington, New Jersey
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Favorite Quote:
"thinking about the future, or living in the past is never the right answer. living today, the present, this one second is. Because all you can do is live that one second to fullest, and make it last"- Anglin. T

As I sat down and watched tv, tension had suddenly rushed to my head
I stood up and began to pace
Many thoughts crossed my mind
As I started to feel disgraced

I soon left the house and headed for the park
I sat under the cherry tree which had brown bark

I then heard laughter
I turned to see
Just many jovial lives
Having fun with their friends and families

Everywhere I turned, everywhere I looked
I saw nothing but happiness
I stood there and my hands just shook

I pondered and pondered
But it didn't seem like I would get an answer

I felt so dejected
I had no one to talk to
I felt as if though I've just been rejected

I don't understand why my so called "friends" seem to ignore
It seems that everytime I try to talk to them they tend to bore

Do I want attention and stare?
No, not at all
I just want someone to care

People surround me as I sit and watch in the park
I felt as if though I was left in the dark

I don't ask for much
Not money or jewels and such

All I ask for is a relationship
A kind, loving friendship

I want a friendship in which I can talk openly
A friendship in which my friend acts lovingly

But for now, till that friend comes
I will stay myself
And I surely won't be someone elses little elf
Because you know what?
I will always live in the present, not in the past nor the future.
And lastly,
I'm not anybody
I'm Somebody
and I represent myself differently

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