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November 22, 2009
By kindyxkandy BRONZE, Richmond, Virginia
kindyxkandy BRONZE, Richmond, Virginia
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"You have to suck before you get to success. It's about the journey."

Even above water,
It’s sometimes hard to breath,
But I’m being pulled under,
By a restless flowing sea.

Lungs clogging; filling
With death in the air
Helplessly looking,
For someone to care

Slits on my wrist,
Not the first time, nor the last
Tears in my eyes,
Heart ready to blast

They say they can help,
But they all watch in fear
Paralyzed by what’s happening,
To afraid to get near,

Because the truth is I’m different
So no one moves an inch
They stand still and stare
No one ready’s to help; they don’t even flinch

Wishing someone would save me,
Please help, pull me out!
Shaking and crying,
My mind fills with doubt.

I know no one will save me,
They won’t even try
They’ll sit and watch me drown,
and then pretend to cry

Acceptance washes me over
I’m okay with my coming death
I stop crying and shaking
As I slowly take my last breath

The author's comments:
I wrote this last year, when I was seriously depressed. Even now, I'm not completely better, but I'm getting there, and this still speaks to me.

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