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Friendship Through Water MAG

By Anonymous

   Write me a letter ...

Tell me how you're doing,

Tell me that you miss me

Tell me if your sky is pink,

And the color of your favorite tree

But mostly tell me of the water

If you miss the way it touched us.

How it reached us in our souls

With its pure and aqua dust

And is the water aqua,

Or is it slightly blue,

The way that I feel sometimes

When I'm missing you

And why is it that water

Will never really change

While people will get older,

And relationships turn strange?

For it was the water which we came from,

Before we saw our first light

It was water that we met in,

Both swimming in the night.

And now the water parts us,

Has forced us separate ways,

Has challenged our close friendship,

Has enjoyed our lonely days!

Never thought of it as evil,

It united our young souls!

Never thought it could betray me,

Now it seems so very cold

For it was water that we came from,

And it was water in which we met,

We smiled at each other,

We were soaking, sopping wet

But when your smile reached my eyes,

And the feeling reached my heart.

I knew we would be friends forever,

And that was just the start.

So now the water parts us

And I blame it more than you,

But maybe that's not fair to it,

Because I love the water too.

Ah, but my love for you is greater,

Than any aqua dust

It was water that made me trust you,

And now's the time I must.

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