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One must Learn to Teach

September 24, 2009
By NemoMag GOLD, Hanna, Other
NemoMag GOLD, Hanna, Other
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I walk in friendship with sea, and sky
I walk the Earth says me, says I
I watch the world through my own eye
I watch things live, I watch them die

But interfere I’m afraid I do not
I have never gain, and have not sought
And although I have not a lot
When stolen from I teach through not taught

A second life was granted to me
A second life I grasped with glee
And so I was a wolf to-be
A life to open my eyes to see
So I walk and learn from all
With too much wisdom for one so small,
I learn from everyone, less I fall
Back towards a young ones crawl

Now, I teach as I was told
Now a human not young not old
I walk this earth head high, eyes bold
I walk this earth my soul unsold

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