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September 22, 2009
By jessie-w GOLD, Winnemucca, Nevada
jessie-w GOLD, Winnemucca, Nevada
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To lose is inconceivable. Everyone wins in some way. You just have to push forward and leave the wreckage behind.

A single forlorn tear descends as she thinks of all the mistakes shes made. Shes's not ashamed to feel this pain. She's never been perfect, or even said she was close. She's made her fair share of mistakes, but she's never given up on life. Everytime she fell, she'd just get right back up. No matter what always having faith. Now she's standing held up by two strong hands. Being loved and showing it back. She has the bad memories still locked away in her thoughts just just lazily drift on by every once in a while, but now she has the good memories too and that keeps her going.

The author's comments:
I've been through alot and just having someone who cares and who is going to try to pick up the pieces as you go is a great feeling.

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