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Ain't no cryin' in war

September 15, 2009
By TheCinders PLATINUM, Kentwood, Michigan
TheCinders PLATINUM, Kentwood, Michigan
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Hey, soldier!
Stop your crying, huh?
Pull up your boot straps!
It’s time to grow up!
[He looks inquisitively to the sky and walks long stridedly back and forth]
Yeah, I remember when I first started out to the hot desert lands of war.
[Looks down at the boy]
But, I’ve grown since then! And so will you!
[The commander laughs heartily and claps the soldier on the back, sending him tumbling to the ground. But the commander moves on in his rant.]
Damn,[HA HA HA!] That was a long time ago. I’m an old man now.
[He raises his voice over the soldiers loud wailing.]
Yup, yup, yup. Yeah I was so innocent before I came out here. But I grew up. And–uh– so will you! Wait, did I already say that? Ah, well…
[He takes a lasting look at the soldier, searching for his every desire and weakness]
Desire and weakness…
[He says aloud]
Well, ain’t that the same thing?!
[He asks loudly and gives another grand gafaw. But all the soldier does is bawl. So the commander stoops to look the boy in the eye.]
God… you can’t be more than two feet tall![HA HA HA!] They get younger and younger everyday.
[A sudden rage over the boy's crying angers the commander]
Hey, kid! Come on, I can barely hear myself think over here! Will you give it a rest?!
[And with every word the commander is ever the more livid. So, he calms down and stoops to the boy again.]
God…[He says, horrified.] You can’t even talk… can you?[Tears break the commanders voice and he brings his hand hard down on the soldier's face. Which only makes the boy cry even worse.]
Oh, grow up soldier! I had to! Hey… kid.[The tears remain in the commanders eyes.] You think my ma will send me something for my birthday this year?[He's talking more to himself than the child.] It is my Thirteenth… It’s a very important–
[The commander chokes down the sobs that steadily rise up his throat.]
Ah, well, a guy can hope, eh?
[And with one last glance at the crying child, sobbing in the cold mud, he trudges back to fight some else's battle]

The author's comments:
Many people have taken this their own one. Some were critical when they saw this, some were enraged with me, and some were moved to tears. But the important thing is that it made them feel. And I'm proud of myself when I make people feel.

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