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Darkness' Night

August 25, 2009
By KyleS. GOLD, Lake Tapps, Washington
KyleS. GOLD, Lake Tapps, Washington
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Favorite Quote:
I will not say do not weep, for not all tears are in evil.

Darkness at the speed of sound,
Resonating swift and silent.
Perturbs sleep.
Awakens Evil within your soul.
Awakens Evil with a hearty laugh.
Awakens Evil to mock your insanity.

Darkness in the air.
Darkness in your dreams.
Darkness from hell, invading your heart.
Darkness consuming your mind.
Darkness to rape you in the night.
Darkness everywhere.

Laughs and grins of darkness’ vessels,
Piercing your spirit and wounding your heart.
Weak you are under its grip,
Floating and lifeless, swept away with tides of darkness,
Trapped in rushing waves of black water.
Caught within a thunderous storm of shadow lightning.
With hands of fluidity, you are stolen from home.
No air to breathe, only air of darkness.
Capitulated without heaven to save you.
Succumbing to poisons of spiritual elements.

Wind Darkness
Earth’s Darkness
Water Darkness
Fire Darkness

Relentless and ruthless the darkness remains.
A disquieting remembrance; this feeling is not foreign.

You remember darkness, your old friend.
Darkness captivating you in its majestic kingdom,
Darkness at your side with no thought of mercy.
Darkness presenting his demonic friends:
Friends appearing like your friends.
Friends with familiar faces.
Still, only darkness’ friends.

You have no friends.
Only darkness.

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