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End Of Our Road

August 15, 2009
By TaylorSlagel SILVER, Abingdon, Illinois
TaylorSlagel SILVER, Abingdon, Illinois
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We Drove Down Our Road

Long And Twisting

Curving Unexpectedly.

To Good And To Bad.

But The Worst Had Yet To Come.

We Walked Down Our Street.

Held Hands On The Beach.

And Held Each Other Close.

We Jogged Down Our Boulevard.

And Times Still Had Yet To Get Hard.

So We Kissed On Our Avenue.

On Our Lane We Said The Sweet Words

'I Love You'

But As We Ran, Back To Our Road.

We Made A Wrong Turn.

And Hit A Dead End.

I Sat There And Cried,&&

Tried To Keep My Pride.

But I Guess You Took It With You.

Now I Wish All Night And All Day.

That You Will Come Back.

And Ask To Take Me Back To Our Road.

Where I Once Felt Safe.

While You Held Me And Whispered.

Three Sweet Words.

But That Day Has Yet To Come Again.

So I Guess The Real Truth Is.

Our Road Has Come To An End

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