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July 15, 2009
By Hay_Wire PLATINUM, Independence, Missouri
Hay_Wire PLATINUM, Independence, Missouri
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Men who shuffle down the street
Careful watching both their feet
Stepping over empty cracks
Careful, save their mothers back

Men who answer on the phone
Selling things they’ve never known
Working for those pennies a day
Selling slowly their life away

Men who hold the door for you
Stare away as you pass through
Each day they hold the keys
Stare at things that ever tease

Men who feel they rule the world
Into reality they will be hurled
Falling from executive chair
Into cold poverty, hard to bare

Men drive the taxi around
Circling haphazardly through the town
Everyone else’s chauffeur
Circling through thoughts they stir

Men who buy the prostitute
His missing wife, she’s a substitute
He cries late into the night
His thoughts climbing to deaths height

Men who loudly lead the church
Singing proudly, their souls quietly search
Looking for what they know is gone
Singing in joy, internal cry on and on

Men who ride the subway car
Eyes looking away so far
Struggling just to feed the kid
Eyes in shame he quietly hid

Men who beg on the street
Longing in their heart as our eyes fleet
Will work for food, shelter, one kind word
Longing numbed, speech now slurred

Men who count the seconds down
Until they’ll finally leave this town
Whisking his love away
Until she breaks his heart one day

Men who stumble,
Men who fall
Men who thought they had it all

Men who lie
Men who stand
Men who only seem to demand

Men who sell
Men who buy
Men who whisper I loved you, goodbye

Men who knew
Men who thought
Men who learned what was taught

And all of humanity stands in shame
Where we look to pass the blame
At all those men who were,
And what has now occurred.

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