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still the same

July 9, 2009
By silent_16 BRONZE, East Hartford, Connecticut
silent_16 BRONZE, East Hartford, Connecticut
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Wantin so badly for you to hear
me yellin...screamin your name so u can be there
I walk alone cause you left me alone
forcing me to make it on my own
16 damn years....
&& yet nothin has changed
Whenever i feel like im at my highest
you instantly knock me back on the ground
lookin down on me as if you were ashamed
you're the one that caused this burnin flame
i feel nothin inside but emptyness
you've managed to make me feel as if i was nothin
yet i so badly wanted you to love me
&& you did love me
You just showed it in a different way
A way which i do not understand
til this day i still try 2 reach out for your hand
but you refuse to accept
not suprised, its something i would expect

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