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She Gave Me a Kiss

June 24, 2009
By IanG. SILVER, Gainesville, Florida
IanG. SILVER, Gainesville, Florida
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She gave me a kiss,
She gave me a kiss.
I woke up one day,
And gave you a kiss.
Out the door,
Of the bus I didn’t miss.
Sat in a Swiss small square
And heard you say, “I insist.”
Heard the thunder squander
Away the electric drizzle fizz.
Sis! Sis! There’s a man at the door!
Bliss! Bliss! When I hear him no more!
Run up the stairs, if you dare
Think it is fair, even care?
Mayor Reed is elected
The one respected
The one resented
The one rejected
Selected to be
Greater than you or me
Can’t you see
Love is everything?
I see you, you smell me
Tell me, honey,
Do you really know me?
Not only as homies
To laugh at jokies
Or do the hokey-pokey
Have you captured my essence?
Can you feel my presence?
When I leave, does your room darken
Your flame flicker
Your taste bitter
I mean to drive you mad
Crazed and deranged
Something to make you
Rearrange and exchange
Ideas you rue
You flew
I rolled over
And if that doesn’t sober you
Then I don’t know what will.

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