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I shall blame

June 24, 2009
By Annika GOLD, SIOUX FALLS, South Dakota
Annika GOLD, SIOUX FALLS, South Dakota
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Ah night, a time of fright. From whence they came I shall blame that truth was all my fault. Stumble and fall, caught and destroyed. Why me? Why now? What fear I've installed. Blast me to bits, I shant be alone. Cut me to ribbons, my love be shone. For from whence they came I shall blame.
Kill me whenever. Torture me to death. My love for my nation cannot be put to rest. I won't be remembered, but neither shall you. We're comrades at war, winner takes all. Fight to the death, don't leave the enemy alive. Your face is so sad, why be denied?
Night has fallen, true to words. Blood slicks the ground in dying dread. The battle is over but the wars just begun. I fear no evil but death, begone! Why must I kill? Why any others for that matter? Is it the only way to win the war for freedom's sake?
The edge of sanity draws near. Just one more step and my mind will wander and never return. Why death of all solutions? Why blood to be spilt? Could it be I was never meant to fight a war that I would never see the results?
Death come closer. I just wanne to snuggle. Take me far from this world of endless fighting and take me to a place of peace and tranguility. I no longer can stay. Not for loved ones or the hundreds I can save. Death please. Grant me one wish before I'm driven to the edge of my extinction. Stop the war the takes lives and return the world to justice and love.

The author's comments:
this piece is meant to be against the war. im sorry if it insults anyone but its to make my point clear. why fight and die? why fight and kill? its not needed.

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