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June 21, 2009
By OurFrost GOLD, Galt, California
OurFrost GOLD, Galt, California
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It was overgrown with the bushes of ages,
The pavement was worn down, thin and cracked.
Bright blossoms and cruel, wicked weeds alike
Interspersedly shared the potholes like large planter boxes.
The trees grew, overhanging, creating an arch above that
Little street around the corner.

The sunlight filtered down through the trees
casting its soft light all around.
Green foliage filled this place and the birds called out softly.
Quiet beauty surrounded it and the wind rustled the leaves.
Warmth softly swished past your skin as the crunch of
deteriorating pavement cracked under shoes –
In that little street around the corner.

It's been five years now,
The pavement of small existence before, no longer has any claim.
Tall grasses ruffle in the wind and green light surrounds all.
Bright flowers scatter themselves in a natural path.
Nature has grown up and around, creating that
magical little meadow around the corner.

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