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June 15, 2009
By snowWillow SILVER, San Jose, California
snowWillow SILVER, San Jose, California
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Time has none against what goes on at night,

For when the last light clicks, the curtains swing,

And follows the play, a glorious sight,

Dolls dance on shelves with puppets on a string.

True desires will be acted on stage,

We’ll be swept to interact and engage.

Dark fears, and disconcerting tragedies,

May enclose; labyrinth of dark foresees.

Here we can soar or be of any size,

The crippled are no more, the blind can see.

Left reaching for the intangible, we,

Rouse with startled cries; touched, it signifies.

If you’d like to stray, and in here remain,

Forever, don’t wake; stay in this domain.

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