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Thinking of You

June 13, 2009
By LaylaMB SILVER, Columbus, Ohio
LaylaMB SILVER, Columbus, Ohio
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Whenever I look up, I see your face.
Wrinkles still intact, just like the day you left earth.
I will never forget your eyes struck with years of wisdom and your white tufts of hair like soft clouds lingering on top of a mountain.

Whenever I look up, I see your hands.
Rough from years in the mill, gentle from holding hands with the young ones.
Oh, those hands that helped me get back up when I fell.

Whenever I look up, I see your feet.
Guiding me in the right direction with every mark you leave in the sand.
Never would I have thought your footprints would be washed away forever.

Whenever I look up, I hear your laughter.
Calming and melodic, just like the harps of the angels by your side.
You guided me through life, now they are guiding you.

Whenever I look up, I feel your presence.
The light of Heaven breaks through the trees and reflects off my tears.
Shining rays of light bursting through the canopy let me know you are watching.

Whenever I look up, I embrace the opportunity you gave me:
to be myself, to not take my precious life for granted,
to throw away my greedy Midas touch,
and to dream as if I will die tomorrow.

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